Meet Shabnam Mustari, a young entrepreneur who started her own business at just 17 years old. Despite her youth, Shabnam has already accomplished more than many people twice her age. Shabnam has already made a name for herself in both the beauty and logistics industry with her innovative and effective products and services.

Shabnam‘s skincare business, WishClub, offers a line of skincare products that are made with  are free from harmful chemicals. She started the business after struggling with her own skin issues. WishClub can be found at wishclub.com.bd, the website offers a wide range of Korean skincare products, and customers can purchase them online.

WishClub has been a huge success, thanks to Shabnam‘s dedication to sourcing high-quality products that truly work. She has built a loyal customer base and has received rave reviews from beauty experts and influencers.

In addition to her skincare business, Shabnam‘s is also the Co-Founder & Chairman of FSXpress Logistics Limited, a logistics company that specializes in providing express delivery services. The company was started with the goal of providing a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional delivery methods. They use cutting-edge technologies and logistics solutions to ensure that their customers’ packages are delivered quickly and safely.

One of the keys to Shabnam‘s success in both her businesses has been her ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the industries. She has been able to stay on top of trends and incorporate new technologies and techniques into her businesses to make them more efficient and effective.

Despite her young age, Shabnam‘s has already accomplished a great deal. She has built two successful businesses, made a positive impact on the skincare and logistics industry, and inspired others to pursue their passions. She is a true inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere.

Shabnam‘s story is a testament to the fact that age is not a barrier to success. With hard work, determination, and a strong passion, anyone can achieve their goals. Shabnam‘s businesses WishClub and FSXpress Logistics Limited, are shining examples of this, and it will be exciting to see what she will accomplish in the future.

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